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Waikiki International Ukulele Trade Show

• Ukulele Workshops  • Ukulele Sales • Craftsman Demonstrations

• Live Performances • multiple stages

Great time of the year to promote christmas sales

As we build this program we are including a forum for sharing ideas on the business side of things. How other ukulele trade shows can benefit other parts of the world.

Festivals are fun and entertaining and great for ukulele players.  This ukulele trade show is geared towards the marketing, sales, promotion of the product. A platform to introduce new product and the latest technology and innovation in all aspects of the ukulele business. 

It's a startup - with the advantage of partnering with an event that already has 30k to 50k people there.

Great time of the year to promote CHRISTMAS SALES!

Waikiki International Ukulele Trade Show / October 11th - 13th, 2019


Annual ukulele event to promote the ukulele crafters, manufacturers, designers, retailers and musicians.

Tradeshow on October 12th  - SATURDAY NIGHT

2nd Annual Waikiki Bazaar  on KALAKAUA AVENUE - from Seaside Ave to Kapahulu Ave (3/4 mile) 


Register Online: Official ukulele t-shirt, lanyard passes for special performances includes two "Ukulele Master" workshops,